In her new movie "The Best and the Brightest," which opened Friday, writer and performer Amy Sedaris adds another name to her repertoire of oddballs. Ninth St. "This is my favorite vintage store. I.

and their kindred spirits might well be eco-hipsters by another another name. Of course, not in any withering sense, but in the sense that each item of their home is "vintage" or "curated" or, as some.

On Spiritualized’s eighth full-length, you’ll find plenty of the same mixture of cosmic bombast and unguarded vulnerability that’s become Pierce’s calling card, combined, at times, with his takes on t.

Single Origin roasters is another name we plan to work with alongside Huckleberry. The interior of the space includes vintage furniture finds, as well as pieces designed by Obie Clark. The pine flo.

HEVC is another name for the H.265 standard. Smart Web sites may check a device’s vintage and iOS apps can use new developer queries about supported video formats, and then feed out H.264 if HEVC m.

Beyoncé implicitly seconded that emotion in December. She wrapped her new album in an oozing sound that re-created, in detail, the sonic melodrama of vintage Phil. While Keys and Beyoncé are old enoug.

Cameron Hughes is another name that has been turning up on wine labels. "Many wines are undervalued for their quality," Bernstein says. "The superb 2009 vintage of German Riesling is just hitting t.

Chicago Cubs Souvenir Store Chicago is perfectly. season than the Cubs. Follow their historic season and quest for a World Series title with features, advanced stats and other oddities. Cubs Chase » That respect for history e. a gift from the Chicago Cubs, a client. And as a testament to the shop’s creativity, it even used sports to market

My brain works in metaphors and synonyms and is amused by snappy acronyms for phrases. architecture manuals and vintage children’s annuals, hipster magazines and lean-in-fifteens. All things consid.

Synonyms include: wally, berk. Billy no-mates It’s mild and reassuringly vintage but roam a UK school playground on your own looking miserable and you might still have this barked at you from acros.

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon perform "Sexy and I Know It" Late Night with. about booking artists that you would cite as being behind that? Frank Ocean is another name that comes to mind. Cohe.

Along with rusted equipment of uncertain vintage there were indications of recent visits. There, upon closer inspection, was another name and, perhaps, an indication of the depth of Mr. Gelman’s fi.

Contextual Synonyms and Definitions. Film Cam is a type of light instant cameras and film, analog disposable Camera, Mimicking various vintage film tones, each of your photos will be unique, Automa.

Naming Rock’s Top 10 Ballsiest Songs wasn’t always easy. After all, countless songs mask their meaning behind pet names and synonyms. We felt compelled. with balls invariably owes something to this.

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Antique Cars Las Vegas Related Artegon is about to become one the world’s best car museums. including a vintage pinball arcade. Three Dezer Auto. There also will be barely driven exotic sports cars and restored Model T’s. This is the seventh year Barrett-Jackson has staged a sale in Las Vegas. Last year’s auction yielded more than $32 million i.

Even sparkling wine from another wine region within France must use another name, i.e. a sparkling wine from Alsace. “While it is true the 2016 vintage will be 20 to 30 percent less than last year,

On a vintage basis, the delinquency curve for first quarter 2018. but when one of your – I don’t know if it’s competitor, but another name in the space [indiscernible] which is a very small player.

Favors said the comic books in his collection are vintage but some are also weathered. Maybe, if I had to do it over again, I’d have given him another name because I hate confusion to be caused. Bu.

The Seminole County city that lies between Casselberry and Oviedo went by another name: North Orlando. he said. Of more recent vintage in ”old Winter Springs” is The Highlands. Sheoah Boulevard,

Elsewhere, Oliver prepares to go after another name on his list, embezzler Ken Williams. Oliver prepares for his date as Thea calls various vintage clothes stores hoping to find someone that matche.